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Mom to the rescue

Through the past week, I have been coming up with dead ends on how to start my research on rodeos in Ada, Oklahoma. I began to wonder if choosing Ada was a good idea. But then I remember that it is still the perfect choice because Ada is where my mom’s side of the family is from and I can’t give up on it that easily.

To begin filling in things for the website and research, I realized a simple Google search just wouldn’t do the trick. So I went further and found from Ada’s community website (here) that their local rodeo that they hold yearly was going to be October 21st and 22nd. What luck! It looks like I’ll be doing more hands on research than planned, but this is actually better for really finding a true history of the town and how their rodeo started, and the women involved with it. After recruiting my boyfriend, Joe (who may show up in some pictures), to go to Ada’s Fireman’s rodeo on October 21st, I felt relieved to know that I would be getting most of my pictures for the website literally on site, thus no copyright issues and so forth. Then I had to turn my sights to the more research oriented side of things.

This is where my mom swoops in to provide some much needed assistance and confidence boost. What originally started out as a phone call to thank her for the magnets she sent me (we’re crafty people), turned into a large leap in the right direction for this project. I told her I was struggling to find sources and information about Ada’s rodeos and how I was going down with Joe to see the Fireman’s rodeo in person, so she offered to do some sleuthing on amazon to see if she could find anything. Low and behold, she found what I hope will be the gem of my research – The Ada Rodeo: An Incredible Saga. This book somehow passed my radars when initially looking through Google, and my mom found it in mere seconds. I was so excited to hear about this book and that it was available for prime shipping, along with three other Ada history books she also found. Upon hearing how helpful this book would be for my research, and after I checked to see if it was available anywhere around here (it wasn’t), she went ahead and ordered it for me on the spot. She especially wanted it to get here soon, and since she has Amazon Prime that meant it will be here this coming Wednesday, the 21st. During the phone call, we also planned a trip to go to Ada either on a Wednesday or Friday to visit the local library for some research and to visit my Great Aunt Janelle to ask her and my Great Uncle Vernon about anything they might know about the town and their rodeos. Plus, my Aunt Janelle is quite an amazing cook, so there’s that extra bonus along with quality family time!

After that phone call with my mom, I have renewed confidence in the progression of this project and feel incredibly blessed to have a mother who is always wanting to do a little extra for me, even when she doesn’t need to at all. In the end, I definitely do not regret choosing Ada as my project town and feel lucky that I can make these family connections along the way.

Hopefully, the upcoming posts will include further research into Ada’s rodeo history with my new book coming in, along with some research I’ll search for on my own! Some research might become heavier later in the year once I get the chance to visit Ada myself. I’m looking forward to it!


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