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The struggle to find the perfect layout

In the beginning, the thought of creating a website based around studying and exploring the history of Ada, Oklahoma’s rodeo culture seemed to be a piece of cake. Until I started to realize that how a website is laid out severely affects how the reader will interpret the content. At this point, I began scourging through all of the free website layouts that WordPress has to offer. After compiling a small list, I went to try them out with the little bit of content I had produced on the site already. Turns out, this selection process for a simple website layout turned into a massive debate between specific styles and image placement.

For the first few styles, I was really searching for a sidebar that would scroll with the reader on the site so that they could have constant access to links and other information pertaining to the website. Unfortunately there are not a lot of layouts like this premade, and the ones that did have this feature looked rather clunky and not appealing to the eye. Then I went on to the more aesthetic types of layouts, ones with many images around the site. I did not stick with these types of layouts long, even though I really enjoyed the look of images around the site. This type of layout didn’t work at the time because I was struggling to find pictures of Ada rodeos to use around the site at all. That’s when it occurred to me: take your own pictures. Of course! I am already heading down to see the Fireman’s Rodeo on October 21st, so there will be plenty of photo taking opportunities there relating directly to my project. With this in mind, I began to take a look at those image heavy website layouts.

At the time of typing this, I am still deciding what type of layout I wish to have for my site. I hope to settle on one soon so that I can start making more personal changes and edits to improve not only the look of my website, but also the readability and, the most important thing, the research this is all based on!


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