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Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences – My Alma Mater


When people talk about Wikipedia in an educational setting, they always start with something along the lines of “remember when you were told Wikipedia was evil? Remember not using it because it was possibly incorrect or bad for academics? Remember disliking Wikipedia?” I always think to myself “no” because, shocker, I never really paid attention to those warnings and used Wikipedia for casual blanket knowledge gaining. I also found the resources at the bottom of the pages helpful for starting searching for a topic. So I kind of feel awkward when I say “I’ve never demonized Wikipedia” yet also ahead of the curve on using Wikipedia in actual worldly… things. Although then I wonder if I was ever mislead by Wikipedia earlier in its history and that’s a different rabbit hole that is not relevant to this post!

So, for this mini project my class needed to edit or create a Wikipedia article and discuss our process. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would to find something to edit, and then I decided to look up my high school: the Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences. To my surprise (and slight relief?), the page was outdated and my moment had come. As of this year TSAS had moved to a new (new) building, the old Roosevelt elementary school, and added in a 7th grade. That’s a lot for one year! And it was missing from the gosh darn Wiki page.

I added a new section for the Middle School and updated some information as to their current location and inserted the new 7th grade. My father was on the board of TSAS since my freshman year there (cough, 2009) until this past year of 2016 and kept me updated on the latest TSAS news. I felt fairly qualified to add in this information mostly because it’s easy to find online with backbone from TSAS’s own website. Plus, I think it’s helpful to any parents who might want to look into TSAS for their children’s middle school education and doesn’t know what that’s all about.

Anyways, I am happy to assist my old high school in keeping them updated on the world-wide-web. If you wish to check it out, you can use your AOL dial-up to find it here. If you find anything about TSAS or charter schools interesting, then definitely look up any in your area! TSAS’s mission is really amazing and I am proud to have graduated from a school that is so dedicated to their students. I hope to one day be able to emulate their care and teaching ability towards students of my own.

Small PS! My internet (and the entirety of my neighborhood’s) was out unexpectedly for multiple hours so I regret that this was not up sooner.

PPS. Why yes that featured image is a picture of myself and boyfriend (Joe) (also we’re the two in the center, Joe’s the tall guy wearing the orange shirt and I’m to his proper right) and friends from way yonder years of high school. I actually snagged this off of our old Facebook page from our senior trip since I couldn’t find our class picture. Funny how time flies…


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