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The Trip We’ve All Been Waiting For! – Part 1

This post has been a long time coming, so I’ve decided to break it into a couple pieces, and I’m just going to dive right into it!

A couple weeks ago Ada hosted their annual Firemen’s Rodeo! So I decided I really had to go since this was the epicenter of my project and it would be absolutely illogical to not go. Thus the planning began, even though the trip ended up being different than originally intended.

The rodeo was scheduled to be on October 21st and 22nd which I found out pretty easily from a flyer from the “Ada’s Original Firemen’s Rodeo” Facebook page. I honestly felt completely lucky that I found this since the event was listed on Ada’s community website calendar but no times or anything else. The flyer I found, featured below, was like finding the road to El Dorado. It had the days and times of all the events, extra information on who was going to be there and prices, and a number for more information. I was extra delighted to see the rodeo clown featured in the lower left corner since that was such a prominent part of the rodeo back in the 30s through the 50s.


So I made my plans to go on Friday for the events since I had an all day event with a club I help run, called Gamers of Oklahoma State University (I could talk about it for days but I won’t, trust me it’s a great club). My boyfriend Joe was going to accompany me and we were going to have a rousing good time at the rodeo. I was planning on renting a nice camera and video recorder from the university to get all of it recorded for my website and was rearing and ready to go! But I hadn’t realized that the parade, what I’ve read so much about how it was one of the biggest events of the rodeo in the past, was actually on Saturday. Thus, with a small sigh, I changed my plans to go down Saturday for the parade. This would mean missing about 7-9 hours of my event since the drive is ~2 hours one way to Ada, and having to go by myself since Joe also helps run the club and had to stay. My mom really wanted to come too but couldn’t get off work in time. But I charged ahead since nothing was going to stop me from going to this rodeo, gosh darn it.

It’s always a little interesting to go on solo road trips, no matter how far really, since the whole thing becomes up to you and you can do pretty much whatever you want (within reason of course). So I prepped by downloading a bunch of new music for my ride and brought two different kinds of snacks (saltine Goldfish and baked Ritz chips, in case you were curious) along with some water and, of course, energy drinks. I hadn’t gotten tons of sleep the past week from a trip I had taken the weekend prior (going to Colorado and back in 3 days is great but tiring), and I had to be up at 7am to set up for my other event, so I was pretty tired when it came to getting in my car at 2pm to drive down to Ada. Bawls Energy Drinks* kept me going whenever the green hills would start to blend together a little too much. Overall the drive was really nice and time passed pretty quickly, which I was surprised about since it was nearly 4 hours of driving altogether.

Upon pulling into town, I realized I had no idea where the parade was actually happening. I tried to google it or see if someone had posted about it on the Facebook page but came up with nothing. I eventually drove by the Agriplex, where the main rodeo events were happening, and then to the Ada Public Library. I stopped here to collect my camera equipment and to see how in the world I was going to find this parade.

Did Blair ever manage to find the parade in time?! Did she get lots of good pictures and videos, or fall short due to being lost?? Will someone please help this girl! Find out in the next installment of ADA FIREMEN’S RODEO -GOES ROGUE!

*not sponsored (although that would be awesome for GOSU, hit me up if you’re interested)


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